joi, 19 martie 2009

"Happy birthday!" funny song

Pentru cei care s-au plictisit de traditionalul cantecel de "La multi ani"
aveti aici varianta mai "taioasa" a situatiei.
Have fun!
The lyrics:
Once a year we celebrate/With stupid hats and plastic plates/The fact that you were able to make/Another trip around the sun/And the whole clan gathers round/and gives a laughter do about/ And we let out a cheerful sound/ And sing that stupid song:
Happy Birthday! Now you are one year older
Happy Birthday! You're life still isn't over
Happy Birthday! You did not accomplish much/ But you didn't die this year/ I guess that's good enough
So let's drink to your fading health/ And hope you don't remind yourself/ That chance of finding fame and wealth/ Decrease with every year/ Cause if you like your doing laps/ And eating food and taking naps/ And hoping that someday perhaps/ Your life will hold some cheer
Happy Birthday! What have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday! You're starting to get fatter
Happy Birthday! It's down hill from now on/ Try not to remind yourself/ You're best years are all gone
If cryogenics were all free/ Then you could live like Walt Disney/ And live for all eternity/ Inside a block of ice/ But instead you're time is set/ This is the only life you get/ And thou it hasn't ended yet/ Sometimes you wish it might
Happy Birthday! You wish you had more money
Happy Birthday! You're life's so sad it's funny
Happy Birthday! How much more can you take/ But you're friends are hungry/ So just cut the stupid cake!

Un comentariu:

LittleParadox spunea...

niciodata nu placut aniversariel.oameni care vin sa iti manace mancare si sa iti bea de ce sa celebram trecerea anilor?trecerea anilor si scurgerea vietii nu este un motiv de bucurie,chiar daca atunci cand murim,poate ne ducem intr-un loc mai bun.

oricum..paradoxal de funny melodia :)

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